Honeypot- fake server to distract hackers

Chop shop: A cheap and dirty cybernetics installation place in the Outer Verd.

Senties or Sents: Sentients, creatures that think and feel. Not usually used when referring to the Enhanced, mostly for the Outer Verd citizens.

Enhanced: Also known as Ns for short. The rich who live in the Inner Verd, those who have had their bodies and minds changed by technology.

Chivers: Archivers. The Enhanced who work tirelessly to archive
history and gather information from everywhere.

The Long Sleep: Death.

Outside: The world at large. Beyond the walls of The Verd. The
Outside is ravaged and unable to support much life, or for very
long, at least.

Lacra: Simulacra. The name given to the robots created by the
Nilianos Corporation.

The Verd: A massive sprawling city of huge towers and bigger
corporations. Divided into the Inner Verd, where the rich live
and the Outer Verd, where the poor live. The borders are
patrolled by Lacra and the cost to enter the Inner Verd is high
(let alone the cost of living there).

The Half-Verd: A kind of in-between reality, augmented reality if
you will. Information is overlaid and streamed to the user
entering the Half-Verd. It helps navigation and keeps those using
it up to date.

The Inverd: A reality that is fully artificial, created by the Corps.
It connects everyone and just about everything in the city in
some way.

Icon: A person’s avatar in the Inverd or changes to their appearance in augmented reality (Half-Verd).

Corps: Corporations. The giant companies that rule the Verd, and
basically run everything. There are three major Corps in the Verd:
The Nilianos Corporation (Nilcorp): The manufacturing
corporation, responsible for Lacra and cybernetics. They also act
as a kind of police, sweeping the Outer Verd for illegal and
stolen technology.
The Xitrada Conglomerate (Xitrada): They deal in cyber security
and information processing. They created the first GoLEMs and
The Linarvan Technology Group (Lintech): They work in cybercerebral
interfacing. They run the Inverd and the Half-Verd. Also
responsible for PICU and Ess.

PICU: Personal Inverd Connection Unit. A piece of cyberware
that allows a direct mental connection to the Inverd and the

Ess: Essence. This is the fundamental power source for all
technology, and also currency. It is an extremely difficult
process to remove it from technology once it is loaded into it.
Only Lintech, maybe even only the CEO of Lintech could say how
it is made, mined or found.

GoLEMs: Guardians of Linked Entry Modules. The ‘guards’ of the
Inverd. They attempt to expel any unregistered users, artificial
intelligences or illicitly uploaded consciousnesses.

I.C.E: Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics. These are the
programs that attempt to keep hackers from accessing corporate

Icebreakers: These are the programs created by hackers to
attempt to bypass the defences created by the Corps.

Fabricators: Food won’t grow anymore (if there were even space
enough to grow it) as the Outside is inhospitable. People turn to
fabricators, which convert Essence into whatever the user has blueprints for. Most commonly used to create food, but often
technology can be made with the right blueprints and plenty of

Deck: A nickname for a PICU, especially when being used to

Decker: A person who hacks the Inverd.

Tracer ICE: A type of ICE that tries to discover the location of a
decker in the Inverd and The Verd.

Barrier ICE: A type of ICE that attempts to prevent a decker from
passing it.

Hunter ICE: The most dangerous kind of ICE. It attempts to hunt
down the decker in The Inverd and fry their brain.

Black ICE: The deadliest form of ICE that constantly modifies its own code and has been known to kill even the best deckers.

Arcology: Gigantic living centres capable of housing massive numbers of people comfortably. There is the implication that they are self-sufficient with regard to waste and amenities. There are corporate arcologies in Manu and Corp district.

Public Access Terminal: Emergency access to the Inverd can be made here, but many of them have been vandalised and destroyed.

Synthahol: Alcohol.

SIN: System Identification Number (SINless means to be un-numbered and it makes doing things legally very difficult. Having a SIN though means that you can be tracked by your PICU).

Uplink: a transmission path for transmitting data or other signals from an earth station to an airborne platform (which then connects to other places).

Simstim: The feedback mechanisms of PICU allow users to simulate real life experiences. Simstim is the commercial entertainment use of that. It allows the average person to become a celebrity using a purchased chip that slots right into their PICU. Hot-sim is usually illegal, but when using Simstim it is enabled because the simstim cannot be modified and has security measures of its own.

Hot-sim: Each PICU has feedback so that any experience using it is more realistic, but when you have hot-sim enabled (which is illegal most of the time), all of the safety measures are disabled. You can be hurt and even die when hot-sim is enabled.

Cold-sim: Cold-sim provides preventative measures so that those using simulation software such as Inverd browsing are safe from dangerous biofeedback.


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