Cyberpunk: The Verd

Session One

Reports provided by Eamon.

Security report
In light of yesterday’s infiltration of the city and subsequent murder of a man of some status we are please to announce the proto-type of the mark 8 enforcer. Details are kept secret for your own safety. Also patrol sizes will be doubled and it advised to avoid meeting in large suspicious-looking groups.

Gladiator weekly
What a glorious spectacle, old fan favourite Dirk the stabber stabber son was sighted in the city, it was unknown if he would return to pit fighting or not… The naysayers were silenced when a few hours later Dirk murdered Crusher Dodgerson in front if security personal!!! Haha that’s our boy, expect to hear more!

Financial review
A lot of focus has been put on Chrome + industries due to the recent attack on both their personal and property. There is also rumour of theft of company secrets and a long term feud with this unknown terrorist cell.
Despite this bleak turn of events Chrome+ Industries managed to break out roughly even financially with their exclusive release of ‘Dirks return’ caught on company camera’s and involving company employees. Many rival companies are arguing the event should be public domain, but so far the exclusive selling rights remain intact. Viewings are priced at 50 Ess per view for the individual or 400 Ess for corporations. (You will be charged separately for eat person, robot or pet that views this product).

Security reminder
Shock gauntlets are illegal, anyone seen with suspicious gloves or disabling security personal with ease should be reported to the authorities. Should you posses a pair of shock gauntlets we encourage you to come forward and hand yourself in. Use of shock gauntlets is a crime, which can be punished by hefty fines and/or death.



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