Welcome to the Verd, the sprawling city of technology and the last bastion of civilisation, or what passes for it here. The sky is forever dark, a grim reminder of our unknown past. Something terrible happened to the world outside, but the Verd was spared. Whatever the world used to be, it’s gone now. The Corps rule here; the soulless, endlessly manufacturing Nilianos Corporation; the fascist, information-hungry Xitrada Conglomerate and the insidious, serpentine
Linarvan Technology Group invade every aspect of life. ‘Course, that doesn’t mean that the city is managed well. The Corps run the Inner Verd, the bright spectacle and high towers of the Enhanced. But they outright ignore and neglect the outer city and the millions of Senties that lives there. The Outer Verd is a haven for crime, drugs and violence. Only thing the Corps do out there is raid the place for illegal tech and goods stolen from them. While the inner city is a brightly lit paradise of neon and cybernetics, the outer is a chaotic maze of dim, smog-ridden streets and dark junkie-filled alleyways.

Cyberpunk: The Verd